Weight Loss Motivation – Plus International Bestselling Relaxation Audio

Weight Loss Motivation – Plus International Bestselling Relaxation Audio

Deciding to embark on a diet really is the easy bit. The hard part is sticking to it. Often people struggle with finding the motivation to carry on, after the initial enthusiasm wares off. Within this weight-loss motivational audio, Benjamin Bonetti will guide you into a deep trance in which you will use visualisation to make those essential neurological changes, ensuring that you will keep highly motivated during your weight-control programme. Included are the internationally best-selling Lose Weight with Hypnosis, Deep Relaxation with Hypnosis, and Weight Loss Motivation.

Benjamin’s remastered vocal tone has been proven to increase the susceptibility of your subconscious mind, allowing the hypnotic suggestions to re-programme your thinking patterns and increase the speed of which change happens. His powerful hypnosis titles are among the world’s leading self-development products, consistently within the best-selling charts on iTunes, Audible, Amazon, and the Apps Store. Why not join the thousands of people who have increased their well-being and taken back control of their habits, beliefs and health issues?

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