Weight Loss and Confidence Hypnosis Compilation: Self-Hypnosis & Affirmations (Unabridged)

Weight Loss and Confidence Hypnosis Compilation: Self-Hypnosis & Affirmations (Unabridged)

Lose weight fast, motivate yourself to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, and boost your confidence and energy with this Weight Loss & Confidence Hypnosis Compilation by Certified Hypnotherapist, Rachael Meddows. This collection of hypnosis programs includes five full-length albums that are specifically designed to motivate you to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, and feel great about yourself.

Each of the five hypnosis albums contains three different tracks with unique inductions. During hypnosis, positive hypnotic suggestions for change will be received by your subconscious mind, helping you increase your focus and motivation for weight loss, boosting your energy, and increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

This hypnosis compilation contains the following tracks:

  • Track 1: Hypnosis Instructions
  • Track 2: “Beach Body: Swimsuit Shape” Speed Induction
  • Track 3: “Beach Body: Swimsuit Shape” Beach Induction
  • Track 4: “Beach Body: Swimsuit Shape” Staircase Induction
  • Track 5: “Exercise Motivation” Speed Induction
  • Track 6: “Exercise Motivation” Beach Induction
  • Track 7: “Exercise Motivation” Staircase Induction
  • Track 8: “Super Self-Esteem” Speed Induction
  • Track 9: “Super Self-Esteem” Beach Induction
  • Track 10: “Super Self-Esteem” Staircase Induction
  • Track 11: “Healthy Weight Loss” Speed Induction
  • Track 12: “Healthy Weight Loss” Beach Induction
  • Track 13: “Healthy Weight Loss” Staircase Induction
  • Track 14: “Confidence Booster” Speed Induction
  • Track 15: “Confidence Booster” Beach Induction
  • Track 16: “Confidence Booster” Staircase Induction

Why waste time and money on diet fads that won’t work? The power of hypnosis will help you make positive changes for weight loss that will boost your confidence and have you feeling energized and great…
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