UltraMetabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss

UltraMetabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss

No wonder it’s so hard to lose weight, our bodies are designed to keep weight on at all costs; it’s a matter of survival. It’s embedded in our DNA. Our diet has changed dramatically over the past 10,000 years, but our genetic blueprint has not; our bodies are not designed to process the types of food we are fed today. It’s like putting diesel fuel into a regular car: it just won’t work. And making matters worse is the fact that diets don’t work either: less than six percent of weight-loss attempts succeed. The average person who goes on a diet actually gains five pounds.

But a medical revolution is under way, finally showing us precisely how the powerful forces that keep weight on can actually be reprogrammed to automatically burn fat and keep weight off for good. The concept is simple. By learning how to work with our bodies instead of against them, we can ignite the natural fat-burning furnaces that lie dormant within us. For the first time ever, Dr. Mark Hyman makes this new science of weight loss available to the general public.

This medical revolution is based on a groundbreaking concept called nutrigenomics, the science of how food talks to our genes. This science is actually startlingly simple. Food contains information and instructions for our bodies: eat the right foods and send instructions of weight loss and health; eat the wrong foods and send messages of weight gain and disease. After spending the last 10 years conducting pioneering, hands-on research with over 2,000 patients at Canyon Ranch, one of the world’s leading health resorts, Dr. Hyman has discovered the seven fundamental causes of obesity. While fad diets have identified one or two of these causes, never before have they all been integrated into a single, simple plan for automatic weight loss. This is the promise of UltraMetabolism.

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