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What Every Woman Should Know About Hillary Clinton (And Probably Already Does)

It’s the kind of thing that people joke about–how women in politics always have an extra set of challenges that men don’t face. As President Obama said in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, (paraphrasing Ann Richards): Eight years ago, you may remember Hillary and I were rivals for the Democratic nomination. We battled […]

What Do You Need Right Now? You Probably Already Know

I just want to set the record straight: YOU can take care of yourself better than anyone else in the world. Yes, of course, we need help. Yes, of course, we can’t do it alone. Yes, of course, we must draw on the wisdom and guidance of professionals and parents and family members and friends […]

The Daily Habit That’s Hurting Your Liver (You’re Probably Doing It Right Now)

It’s well known that sitting has been associated with obesity, diabetes and even anxiety, but the simple act of sitting can have adverse effects on the liver, too. Sitting and being sedentary were both associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, according to new research out of South Korea.  The study, published in the Journal of Hepatology, found that people […]

Yes, Most People You Know Are Probably Sexting

Sexting has gone mainstream among adults. A new survey out this week that suggests more than 80 percent of men and women have sexted within the last year — and nearly 90 percent have sent or received a sexually explicit text or photo at some point in their lives.  Although sexting — defined as sending […]

Music Festivals Get a Bad Rap. Here’s Why They Probably Shouldn’t

Believe me, I get it — in many ways, music festivals can be the worst. So let’s get it out of the way — yes, a festival setting is not generally the ideal way to experience live music for a number of reasons: a) the natural elements (particularly the heat and storms) can be unforgiving, […]

9 Sleep Mistakes You’re Probably Making After 9PM

It’s one thing to make sleep a priority and another to actually achieve those blissful seven to nine hours of unadulterated shut-eye.  Your ability to fall asleep at a reasonable time, stay asleep and wake up feeling well-rested the following morning depends on the steps you take hours before your head hits the pillow. And many of […]

10 Of The Best Plyometric Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing

Nothing screams “celebration” quite like jumping around with excitement. And we here at The Huffington Post are literally jumping for joy in celebration of the company’s 10th birthday. We decided to throw some fitness clothes into the mix and make a workout of it! Here are 10 of our favorite plyometric exercises that never fail […]

Is Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain Not Going Away? It’s Probably Not Plantar Fasciitis

Doctors trying to get to the bottom of a person’s heel pain may inadvertently cause their patients more injury if an examination doesn’t include an ultrasound, according to a new study. It’s estimated that about 10 percent of people will experience heel pain at least once in their lives. The most common cause of heel […]

How You’re Probably Letting Others Walk All Over You

Photo Credit: Eleder JH via Compfight cc The other day I was out with a friend of mine who kept complaining that the guy she recently went on a date with hadn’t been texting her. “Why don’t you just text him first?” I asked. “Then he’ll think I’m needy!” she exclaimed. Maybe it’s because I’m […]

Stop Staying ‘I’m So Broke!’ Because In Reality You Probably Aren’t

It’s called perspective, guys. Listen, we all go through periods where we have very little money, but when you look at the big picture, it’s much harder to say that you’re “broke.” You know that single mom working three jobs to feed her kids? More broke. And that guy who got into an accident but […]

6 Times You’ve Probably Meditated Without Realizing It

It may have seemingly endless benefits, but for some people, meditation just isn’t their thing. It’s too hard. You get too bored. You don’t think you’re doing it right. We know, we know — try as you might, you just can’t meditate. Or can you? The truth is, you don’t have to be an expert […]

These Social Innovators Are Transforming The World, And You’ve Probably Never Even Heard Their Names

A global organization has recognized several philanthropic entrepreneurs in hopes that the honor will benefit their causes around the world. The Schwab Foundation announced on Monday that 33 individuals have been named its Social Entrepreneurs of the Year — an award that honors individuals who are pushing for progress on a variety of issues affecting […]

For Your Liver’s Sake, You Should Probably Keep Drinking Coffee

More than half of American grown-ups drink coffee every day. Their non-sipping counterparts may want to follow suit. The health benefits associated with drinking coffee are plenty: The brew is packed with antioxidants and downing a cup can help wake up the brain and make a person feel more alert and focused. A new report […]

The Treadmill Mistake You’re Probably Making

One of the greatest perks of running on a treadmill is being able to train on an incline that you can adjust. But, not all treadmill runners take advantage of this feature, and those who do may not be doing it right. Healthy Living – The Huffington Post Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans […]

Mike Huckabee Should Probably Stop Criticizing Hillary Over Her Emails

As he left office as Arkansas governor, his staff destroyed records and demolished hard drives. Politics – The Huffington Post SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced […]

Popular Weed-Killer Is Probably Carcinogenic, WHO Says

LONDON (AP) — One of the world’s most popular weed-killers — and the most widely used kind in the U.S. — has been labeled a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The decision was made by IARC, the France-based cancer research arm of the World Health Organization, which considered the status […]

No, You Probably Won’t Get Addicted To Facebook

As social media use has surged, so too has research on its addictive potential and negative psychological impacts. A number of studies have suggested that social media — Facebook in particular — can co-opt brain circuits implicated in drug addiction. But according to new research, Facebook “addiction” is not only quite different from drug addiction […]

If Pres. Obama Fails Veterans This Time, It’s Probably Your Fault

2015 promises to be a big year: especially if President Obama and former Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric Shinseki make good on their promise to end homelessness among veterans by December 31st. If you listen to the pabulum spewed by countless politicians and their millions of constituents, the United States is a nation […]

6 Of The Best Butt Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing

Flaunting a bootylicious rear end is nothing new — but never have we loved our behinds as much as we have loved them in 2014. Both Vogue and the New York Times were on it in 2014. It was the year that both Kim and Nicki broke the Internet. And just about everyone else posted […]

Rand Paul: Trade With Cuba ‘Probably A Good Idea’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday that starting to trade with Cuba “is probably a good idea” and that the lengthy economic embargo against the communist island “just hasn’t worked.” Paul became the first potential Republican presidential candidate to offer some support for President Barack Obama’s decision to try to normalize U.S. […]

Deion Probably Could Have Used Tracey’s Help | Deion’s Family Playbook | Oprah Winfrey Network

Tune in Saturdays at 10/9c Now that the Sanders family has relocated to their new home, the next step is to unpack and settle in. When Tracey shows up, she wishes Deion had asked her for a hand in organizing the move because no one can tell her exactly where all the missing clothes and […]

Turns Out, Your Vegetarianism Probably Is Just A Phase

Proving your meat-pushing relatives right, most Americans who eat an all-plant diet really are just going through a phase. Just in time for holiday mealtime struggles, the animal advocacy group Humane Research Council and Harris International teamed up to release new data, finding that 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans eventually go back to eating […]

You Probably Learned A Glossed-Over Version Of Native American History In School, Research Says

Even as families around the country prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving — a holiday based around supposed good relations between New England settlers and a Native American tribe — new research reveals the extent to which Native American history is largely left out of American classrooms. While she was a doctoral student, Sarah Shear, now an […]

The 7 Best Strength Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing

By Eric Bach for Life by DailyBurn Every exercise in your strength program has a purpose — to help you build muscle, burn fat and improve your fitness. While there’s a time and a place for nearly any exercise under the right circumstance, some movements are simply more effective than others. And it should be […]