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Exxon’s Funding of Climate Denial Turned Americans Against Their Own Government for Profit

Exxon and other fossil fuel companies may have committed a crime of enormous proportions, and more and more elected officials and others are demanding an investigation. The charge is that Exxon scientists and management knew since the late 1970s that the company’s product was helping cause our planet to warm “catastrophically,” but management responded by […]

5 Indicators That Show We Turned a Depression-Like Shock into a Six-Year Expansion

Seven years ago, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, setting in motion the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. In fact, the onset of the Great Recession was more severe across a wide range of measures than the Depression itself–including substantially larger losses in wealth, a significantly larger contraction in global trade, and a comparable […]

How This Son Turned His 78-Year-Old Mom Into A YouTube Star

What do most mothers want for Mother’s Day? A visit from their kids, according to a recent study by iTOK, a tech advisory firm. That probably wouldn’t surprise documentary filmmaker Joshua Seftel of Brooklyn, who built a YouTube series around his phone conversations with his 78-year-old mom, Pat. The show, “My Mom on Movies,” has […]

Angie Harmon: TV Detective Turned Jewelry Designer | Where Are They Now? | OWN

Actress Angie Harmon discusses her partnership with Red Earth jewelry, a company that supports artisans around the world. Find OWN on TV at SUBSCRIBE: Their stories made headlines across America. “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” features updates on some of the biggest newsmakers and most memorable “Oprah Show” guests of all time. Find […]

Corey Turned to Family in His Darkest Moments | 2 Fat 2 Fly | Oprah Winfrey Network

Corey calls his sister to catch up and break the news that he won’t be able to make it home for his birthday. Leaving his family behind was a difficult decision for Corey as he’s always depended on them, especially throughout his past struggles with depression. Find OWN on TV at SUBSCRIBE: Oprah […]

You've Been Had!: How the Media and Environmentalists Turned America into a Nation of Hypochondriacs

You've Been Had!: How the Media and Environmentalists Turned America into a Nation of Hypochondriacs With all of the negative media about environmental threats over the last four decades, is it any wonder that most people believe disaster is just around the comer? But despite what the media would lead us to believe, annual reports […]

Here’s Gandhi As A Hipster, And Other World Leaders Turned Too Cool

Once upon a time, young designer Amit Shimoni was contemplating the state of Israeli cultural icons. He Googled a photo of Theodor Herzl, 19th century founder of the World Zionist Organization, and was surprised to see only two accurate photographs of the known figure. He compared his findings with a search of an “average 18-year-old […]

George Zimmerman: Obama Turned Americans Against Me

George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin, said President Barack Obama turned Americans against him. In an interview posted online Monday by his lawyer, Zimmerman argues Obama shouldn’t have weighed in on his case. “President Obama held his Rose Garden speech stating, ‘If I had a son he would look like […]

Obamas Honor Work Of 12-Year-Old Child Slave Turned Activist During India Trip

Promoting gender equality was vital in President Obama’s message to India, so it made sense that a 12-year-old female activist who has overcome incredible odds was there to draw attention to the American leader’s message. And to share a heartfelt moment with the first lady, too. During a stop on the Obamas’ trip to the […]

How Austerity Economics Turned Europe Into the Hunger Games

A nasty strain of austerity capitalism has taken over Europe, leaving broken lives in its wake. Researchers Servaas Storm and C.W.M. Naastepad, senior lecturers in economics at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, consider how things got so bad, what role economists and misguided policy-makers have played, and how to change course. According to […]

So That Happened: Obama’s Cuba Plan Turned Some Folks Into Wind-Up-Toys Of Outrage

So, that happened: This week, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would make an effort to normalize relations with Cuba, ending a decades-long policy of distance that had been surprisingly effective in doing nothing in particular. We’ll talk about the new plan, and the people who are hopping mad about it. Listen to […]

A Look Back at the Man Who Turned Blue – The Oprah Winfrey Show – OWN

Original airdate: February 19, 2008 SUBSCRIBE: In 2008, the world met Paul Karason, a man who literally turned blue after taking copious amounts of colloidal silver, a once-popular home remedy, having both drunk it and rubbed it on his skin. Five years later, at 62 years old, this medical wonder and Internet sensation died […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Women’s Equality Day, Our National Parks Turned 98, and More

This week, the White House celebrated Women's Equality Day, the National Park Service celebrated its 98th birthday, and President Obama addressed the American Legion, the nation's largest veteran service organization. Check out what else you may have missed in this week's wrap up. Women's Equality Day This past Tuesday, the White House celebrated Women's Equality […]

How a Girl Who Stabbed Her Friend to Death Turned Her Life Around – Where Are They Now? – OWN

Tune in Sunday, July 20, at 9/8c. Subscribe to OWN: Shanae spent much of her youth in foster homes and juvenile detention centers. At age 10, when most girls are playing dress-up, Shanae was drinking and doing drugs. At 11, she was gang-raped and became pregnant. At 12, she was convicted of stabbing her […]

How This ‘Oprah Show’ Guest And Sexual Abuse Survivor Turned Anger Into Forgiveness (VIDEO)

In 2002, Teresa Clay appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and shared her heartbreaking story of sexual abuse, one that Oprah says she never forgot. Teresa was molested by her mother’s boyfriend for years, and said that when she finally found the courage to come forward — her mom rejected her. “She chose him over […]